Dubhe helm seat for interiors and exteriors

Dubhe boat seat

Distinctive icon of the Ros Nautica brand, best-seller and evergreen inflected in numerous helm environments. The essential style and simplicity of the motion of the backrest make it an ideal solution in any situation.

Versatile, ergonomic, discrete, it represents the perfect synthesis of form and substance, capable of adaptation to or completion of any styled or architectural environment.

Steel, quality leather or technical wrapping materials are mixed together through knowledgeable and capable craftsmanship capable of exciting with the superior charm of who knows how to accompany without overwhelming and exalt without upsetting.

Main Characteristics:

  • Elegant.
  • Robust and durable.
  • Innovative flip meccanism with the backrest that folds down while the seat retracts allowing for driving while standing. 
  • Upright driving position. 
  • Customizable clours.
  • Customizable logo.
  • Possible integrated slider.
  • Possible inversion of seating direction (reverse model)
  • Weight of 560mm wide seat with arm rests: 22 Kg
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Ros Industrie

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37135 Verona (VR), Italia
T. +39 045 7650495

Ros U.S.A.

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Ros Industrie is a laboratory of ideas, design and production of innovative and distinctive products for the marine sector, mainly helm seats and steering wheels.

Constant research, engineered artisanship, the culture of customisation are the essential paradigms of, and constant evolution of a process that generates versatile and ergonomic products, where style and functionality are perfectly integrated and generate products capable of creating emotions and become a best-seller in the marketplace.


Ros Industrie wants to rewrite the story of the products it designs for the marine sector, mainly helm seats and wheels.

In a path that wisely mixes digital technologies, artisanship, Italian creativity, virtual engineering, design and functionality, it is our intention to create effectively innovative products for our customers. We want to leverage the synergies between Ros Industrie and the Customer in such a way that we go beyond the sum of the respective inputs resulting in highly customised products, exponentially benefitting both parties involved in the process.

Ros Industrie does not want to simply sell its products to its customers but wants to create them as a team, fully understanding the needs and requirements including the implicit ones, and generating products of excellence.

A Winning Process

Our method provides for a complete product development process: from idea to production 

From concept to style, from engineering to verification, design for manufacturing, all is inflected to know-how and craftsmanship made in Italy-

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